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What is a data acquisition system? (DAQ System)

Without data, we cannot understand how our systems are performing. This video explains the ins and outs of a Data Acquisition System, and why industries need this vital monitoring tool to understand, correct and improve its processes.

As discussed already, DAQ or Data Acquisition comprises a measurement system and a computer that can measure electrical or physical properties and record them for further analysis.

The concept of DAQ was introduced in 1963 where it mainly revolved around monitoring or controlling a physical entity with software. IBM was the first to announce a computer that was solely made for data acquisition tasks called the IBM 7700 Data Acquisition system. 

The IBM 7700 was replaced with a more powerful IBM 1800 Data Acquisition and Control System in 1964. With the progress in technology, the computing capabilities have drastically changed today, allowing us to quickly process and store data in numerous ways.

DAQ systems are an excellent example of this. These devices are capable of capturing data from an actual system and store that data in an easily retrievable format for further engineering or scientific review. 

Considering the intuitiveness of the DAQ systems, these computer-based measurement systems are of critical importance in a variety of verticals that need precision, such as construction, electronics, production, and manufacturing to name a few.

Learn more about Data Acquisition here: https://www.omega.com/en-us/resources/data-acquisition
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Director: Tashkeev Erbol
Line producer: Sansyzbay Aliaidar
Actress: Erkezhan Bayakhmetova
Edit: Nurzhan Abdolla
Color: Agarkow David
Gaffer: Nurgazy Nurlanbek ,Elegen Quanysh
Makeup, hair artist: Demeuova Anel, Asqarova Aruzhan

Prod.by: SHAKRAT
Song: Qabdygali Daulet
Lyrics: Tursynbay Nurzhan

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daq.music/
VK: https://vk.com/daq.music
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lookmanpro/
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[ Credit ]
Vocal by 지윤호

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Music by 브금대통령
Music provided by 브금대통령
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